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  • RBR Law Group: Divorce Attorneys in Ogden, Utah

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  • RBR Law Group: Immigration Attorneys in Ogden Utah

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  • RBR Law Group: Bankruptcy Attorneys in Ogden, Utah

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If you're facing crippling debt you need serious protection from the pitfalls your financial crisis and the caveats of bankruptcy in Utah. You need to end sleepless nights, stop the calls, and you need to be able to check your mail without fear.

You need an attorney who doesn't just run you through the motions, someone who can squeeze every advantage out of bankruptcy for you. To start, we can answer your questions and prepare you for your situation at no cost. If you would like us to to handle it all, we can make arrangements so you can afford it no matter what your situation is.

Bankruptcy can stop foreclosure, collection calls, garnishments, repossessions, tax penalties, and interest. Options include Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 11 bankruptcy, & Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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Stress and Financial Misery All too often people wait too long and continue to ride the rollercoaster of financial uncertainty., The most common cause that we see for people to continue living in financial misery is simply that they don't know what their options are or understand how they work. Filing for bankruptcy is a tool to help you take control of your life. Bankruptcy is not game-over, it is another chance.
Bankruptcy can.... Bankruptcy can:, Stop Foreclosure, Stop Collection Calls, Stop Garnishments, Stop Repossessions, Stop Tax penalties and interest.
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Provides financial relief by discharging your debts and allowing you to keep most or all of their assets. It can stop wage and bank garnishments, repossessions, annoying and harassing phone calls. Keep your home, cars and assets in most cases.
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Enables you to manage your company debt without having to close your doors.
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Allows you to pay back your creditors, often at a discounted rate or lesser amount than the original debt. It is advantageous in order to protect non-exempt property that you may own in Salt Lake City, Ogden, Davis, Weber, Box Elder and Cache County.

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