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  • RBR Law Group: Divorce Attorneys in Ogden, Utah

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The Attorneys at Richards, Brinley & Richards Law Group, P.C., serving Northern Utah, are committed to helping you get the best possible results at an affordable price.

Facing a divorce or custody battle is difficult; It will be the fight of your life. RBR has helped people just like you through the most painful times of their lives with grace and strength. If you need help with difficult family circumstances, please consider asking for our help. You need a Law Firm that will aggressively protect your future.

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Property Real property acquired during the marriage is subject to being divided equally between the parties. Personal property, remember is everything not land or attached to land, is also divided on a fair and equitable basis. What is fair an equitable depends. It can mean a 50/50 split of the property or its value or something other than 50/50. Again this is all open to negotiation.
Retirement Benefits Retirement benefits accrued during the marriage are subject to being divided regardless of who is the owner. Any retirement acquired during the marriage is divided equally between the parties. A Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) is created and signed by the judge. The Plan Administrator, upon receipt of the QDRO divides the accounts, pursuant to the terms of the order, in to two separate accounts. One for the actual owner of the account and the other for the other spouse.
Division of Debt Utah, uses a fair and equitable standard as to the division of debt. Debt follows property. Other times debt can be divided by who incurred the debt or in who's name the debt is listed. Debt can also be divided on the same basis as child support is calculated. The court can look at the combined gross income of the parties, determine each part's percentage contribution to the combined gross income and divide the debt accordingly.
Alimony Services One of the most difficult things a court decides is alimony, and in turn one of the hardest things for an attorney to predict. Statutes tell courts and lawyers of the factors which are to be considered, but even knowing what the factors are, knowing what alimony will be can be hard to know.
Alimony Services There are some factors which are important than others: the needs of the spouse , the requesting spouse's ability to earn income to meet their own needs, the paying spouses' ability to pay, asking for alimony contributed directly to the earning potential of the other spouse, such as working to put a spouse through school, did the spouse work in a business owned or controlled by the other spouse, length of the marriage. If there are children, whether the spouse has minor children.
What is required to file for divorce? Both parties will be required to submit financial declarations: Two years most recent tax returns, income statements or paystubs for the last full year, financial statements & loan applications for the last year, property tax notices and copies of any appraisals, last three months financial statements for any and all accounts ,proof of claimed expenses, such as; utility bills, mortgage/rent statements, other bill, etc.

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