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  • $19 A Month for Individual & Entire Family! OR Call 877.342.5152

    No co-pays, no contracts, no hidden costs! Unlimited mental health therapy visits! Unlimited doctor visits! Coupon void if altered. Expires 12/20/2019.

Most of us want affordable health care plans and for good reason. Why pay high prices for health services that are not readily accessible? With a traditional healthcare facility open Monday-Friday until 5 PM, it can take days before you can even book an appointment to get yourself seen, nonetheless request time off work. And by the time you've exhausted yourself getting everything lined up perfectly, your illness may have already subsided on its own without any type of relief and a lot of added stress. Don't put your body or mind through turmoil - enroll in healthcare benefits through Remedy.Me. We offer a very straightforward & convenient process for our patients: simply download our mobile app (available in English or Spanish) or give us a call, describe your physical or mental symptoms, receive a return call from a board certified physician or licensed mental health therapist within 15 minutes and pick up any prescriptions necessary at your local pharmacy! What are you waiting for? Choose Remedy.Me as your healthcare provider today to look out for your future self.
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Physical Conditions Treated Allergies, Asthma, Back Pain, Cold, Fever, Flu, Pink Eye, Strep Throat and Much More.
Mental & Behavioral Conditions Treated Addiction, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorders, Depression, Eating Disorders, Grief, PTSD, Stress and Many Others.
Hours of Operation We are available 24/7, 365 Days.
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