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Using Valpak general services coupons will not only save you money on general household-related tasks and chores, they will save you precious time, too. Let Canterbury, CT professional service providers clean your home, wash and fold laundry, clean your carpets and groom your pet. That way, you can finally spend some time doing what weekends are for—relaxing and having fun. See how much you can save with Valpak coupons in Canterbury, CT for maid services, dry cleaning and laundry, pet grooming, lawn maintenance and other weekend-eating tasks. Simply select, print, schedule, relax and have fun. Let the handymen, professional house cleaners and maids, animal groomers, and landscapers be your heroes. Keep Valpak with you when you download the Valpak coupon app and schedule your general services in advance wherever you are.

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