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If you could just eliminate the whole house cleaning and laundry part of your life, how much easier would life be? Well, Valpak can’t eliminate those cleaning and laundry tasks completely, but we can save you money on having someone else do it. Print these free, printable Valpak cleaning, dry cleaning and general services coupons and free up some time for yourself. Sometimes the time and effort you save is worth the cost, especially when you get discounts with valpak.com coupons. So go ahead and schedule that maid service for whole home cleaning service, and drop your laundry off at the dry cleaners for dry cleaning and wash and fold service. Hire a local upholstery cleaner to make your furniture look and smell new again with a Grand Rapids carpet cleaning professional. Then, head to downtown Grand Rapids to do a little shopping for yourself—with Valpak coupons, of course.