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This form allows you to remove your address from the Valpak blue envelope mailing list.

Your request to remove your address from our mailing list was received

Due to the extensive lead times needed to produce and mail Valpak, you may receive 2-3 more mailings

Valpak has online coupons from many top merchants such as:

Valpak has 100's of coupons for local merchants located near you...

Please note: If your address is simplified (i.e. Rural Route 48, PO Box 1), which means it is identical to your neighbor's, it is not possible to remove delivery to your residence alone. If you have already submitted a request to be removed from our mailing list, you do not need to do it again.

Additionally, please be assured that we do not have any personal information about you. The mailing lists we use are not compiled based on any purchases you have made or surveys you have filled out. Valpak mailings are addressed to "Resident" and are updated by our list companies throughout the United States Postal Service. We mail to every home in your neighborhood for greater coverage, which provides a better response rate for the local businesses that advertise with us.

Valpak is mailed to 45 million households in North America each month. Due to the extensive lead times needed to produce and mail Valpak, you may receive mailings over the next two or three months until your address is removed from our mailing lists.

To be removed from the Valpak email list, please send your request to Privacy policy