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5 Reasons to Shop Local
5 Reasons to Shop Local
Every small business in your neighborhood has a story and when you shop with them it helps boost your local economy. Whether for shopping, dining or entertainment, here's why you should get out and shop small.   more...
Shop Local, Save Money
Shop Local, Save Money
You've probably heard that buying generic brands and using coupons will help you save money on groceries, but most people don't think of saving money on food simply by shopping locally. When you shop local, you can find high-quality, fresh food and you'll be helping to keep money within your community. Here's how.   more...

What is Small Business Saturday? American Express founded Small Business Saturday® in 2010 to help business owners with one of their most pressing needs -getting more customers. Today, the nation has embraced the day as part of the holiday shopping tradition. Shoppers, businesses, and local organizations come together to celebrate their neighborhoods on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This year, Small Business Saturday is Nov 24. Mark your calendar!

Who is Participating?
You’d be surprised at how many of your favorite stores participate in Small Business Saturday! Visit the American Express Shop Small Map to find small businesses in your area and make a plan for shopping on Small Business Saturday. You can even Shop Small online to show your support!

Celebrate The Day! Small Business Saturday comes only once a year, so don’t miss the opportunity to share a fun shopping experience with your family and friends – all while supporting your local community! Along with visiting all the stores around town, why not hit up a local coffee shop or restaurant to keep your energy high while you’re shopping local? Many stores celebrate the day with in-store promotions or special events, so plan ahead to discover new places to Shop Small, earn some great savings and experience everything the day has to offer!

What About The Rest Of The Year? Small Business Saturday is a lot of fun, but of course, you can support small businesses every day of the year! From grabbing your morning coffee, to buying locally-grown produce at your farmers’ market, to your regular hair and beauty appointments – keep it local. When you Shop Small, not only will you be supporting the individual small businesses that make your neighborhood unique, but you will be supporting your local community and economy.

I’m a small business. How can I get involved? Head to to create customized Small Business Saturday marketing materials for your business in just a few clicks, then download them for free! Also, get advice from those in the know on how to help attract more customers on the day. Explore how-to videos, articles, and tips to make the most of Nov 24.

If you're an American Express® Card accepting Merchant, you also have access to a range of free Shop Small tools to help your business stand out in the marketplace. Check out year-round Shop Small resources from American Express or contact your local Valpak representative to take advantage of our Shop Small marketing solutions for your business.

Not an American Express® Card accepting Merchant? No problem! You can find a rate that’s right for your business and a faster, easier way to accept the Card. Learn more at