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WI Summer Vacation
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Family Summer Vacation Ideas & Deals in Wisconsin

Family Friendly Summer Getaways in Wisconsin

Cheap or Free Summer Activities for Kids

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This summer, don’t let the kids spend all their time indoors. Instead, get out and explore your community and meet new people by taking advantage of frugal and free summer activities. Get inspired with these tips from Kelli Bhattacharjee, the proprietor of, a former investment professional with a passion for showing others how to live a frugal yet fabulous life.

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There’s nothing in the water, but there’s certainly something in the air. Deep in the heart of Wisconsin’s woodlands with your family, you’ll find the air thick with laughter, a sense of wonderment, the allure of adventure and the seductive perfume of fragrant evergreen trees.

Make the most of every moment with your family during your summer weekend getaway, trekking deep into the woods where time seems to slow, yet never seems to drag. Hop aboard a literal time machine, the Wisconsin Great Northern Railroad, and venture into the near undisturbed wildlands for sights still as they were decades and centuries ago.

Take time to explore some of Marinette County Park’s 14 famous waterfalls tucked in coves and corners just off the trails or visit the Hayward WI Lakes to beat the heat. These natural wonders are a must-see, whether for day trips in Wisconsin in the summer or for longer summer getaways from Chicago and other metropolises.

Your family could spend all of your summer vacation exploring the state’s more than 2,500 miles of hiking and walking trails or whizzing through hundreds of miles of Marinette County ATV trails. But you could also watch time melt away while your family discovers why the Wisconsin Dells has earned the title of waterpark capital of the world. If you’re not convinced that title is deserved, the massive Noah’s Ark Waterpark of the Wisconsin Dells is a great place to start your investigation.

It’s true: You can spend a lot of time exploring rural Wisconsin with your family. It’s also true: You can burn a lot of time simply trying to figure out where to start and spend more money than you should. Turn to Valpak of Madison for family summer vacation ideas and exclusive deals that make summer vacation package deals even more affordable.

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