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Just the Facts: 125 Years of Savings

The 125th Birthday of the Coupon poll, sponsored by Valpak, reveals consumer spending habits; quantifies love of savings

Today’s coupon craze is 125 years in the making! To commemorate this milestone, Valpak, which has been connecting consumers and local businesses since founder Terry Loebel and his team began calling on Clearwater, Fla. businesses on roller skates 44 years ago, commissioned the 125th Birthday of the Coupon poll. The survey asked 502 women to share their opinions about coupons and their personal usage of coupons. Key findings include:

Coupons and Relationships

  • Roughly 60% of women said “That’s my kind of man” when asked how they feel about a man using a coupon on a date or special occasion.
  • This sentiment spoke to all generations. A whopping 70% of 41-50 year olds said “yes” to their partner paying for a special date with a coupon; this percentage is still high with 21-30 year olds at 58%. 
  • Half of respondents strongly agreed with the statement “I love using coupons with friends and family to save money on the things we like to do.” Another third (27%) somewhat agreed.
  • Only 15% of respondents strongly disagreed with the statement “I would give coupons or deals as gifts.”

Savings Across the Party Lines

  • More than half of all Republicans (57%) and Democrats (63%) couponed more than they did several years ago.
  • Two-thirds (61%) of Democrats and nearly three-fourths (72%) of Republicans loved a savvy man, proving he should always check out a good deal for a fun date night out or gift.
  • Only 9% of Republicans and Democrats were opposed to a man using coupons on a date.

Coupons Provide Big Savings

  • The average American receives more than $1,677 per year in coupon offers, according to Time magazine, October 2011.
  • If they were able to use that $1,677, almost a third of respondents (30%) would save it for a rainy day and a sixth would spend it on their home (15%) or fun (16%), like vacations or nights out on the town. Only a handful (5%) would give it to charity, fewer still would contribute it to their 401K or IRA for retirement (4%).
  • More than three fourths (76%) of respondents loved trying new things – and coupons and daily deals provide a means to do this without paying full price.
  • What wouldn’t women purchase without a coupon? Top responses to this question included everything from a dinner out (49%), getting carpets cleaned (33%) and a gallon of milk (32%).
  • Almost a third of respondents (30%) across all age groups agreed they would likely spend an extra $1,000 or more a year if the coupon had never been introduced.

Couponing on the Go

  • The paper coupon is still king. More than 8 out of 10 respondents (84%) used coupons from their mail, like Valpak, or the newspaper.
  • Digital couponing continues to gain momentum, of respondents:
    • More than half (55%) used coupon sites like Valpak.com.
    • A quarter (25%) used deal site coupons.
    • More than two-thirds (65%) used online coupons from retailer websites.
    • More than a third (34%) used coupons from social networks like Facebook.
    • Almost one fifth (19%) used mobile/SMS coupon.

Everyone is Doing It

  • Almost 70% of American women “love saving money and getting great discounts” and now use coupons more than ever before, citing the coupon craze as trendy and more socially acceptable among their peers.
  • More than half (58%) of consumers have increased their coupon habits over the past few years, proving that couponing is a trend that is not only increasing but is here to stay.
  • Except for the obvious desire and need to save money, respondents agreed they coupon more than they did a few years ago because:
    • I always want to get a deal. (60%)
    • It’s a bad economy. (59%)
    • I enjoy trying new things with a discount. (41%)
    • Coupons are more accessible. (40%)
    • It makes me feel smarter. (28%)
    • Couponing is more socially acceptable. (25%)
    • Couponing is trendy. (15%)

Celebrating Savings

  • When asked to share their favorite “savings celebration,” Valpak received responses ranging from stories of savings on country club weddings to family pet care to everyday items. And, there’s no doubt how saving money makes women feel:
    • “It always makes me really, really, happy (to find a good coupon).”
    • “I was so excited I wanted to scream!”
    • “I saved 50% and bragged all over Twitter about it.”
    • “I couldn’t believe the savings!”
  • Beyond saving on everyday grocery items, the most common “savings celebrations” women shared with Valpak were on purchases of:
    • Clothes, jewelry and handbags
    • Appliances and electronics
    • Restaurants
    • Furniture and home goods
    • Travel
    • Wellness
    • Auto
    • Pet-related items

About the 125th Birthday of the Coupon Poll

The 125th Birthday of the Coupon Poll, sponsored by Valpak.com, was conducted online via social networks from Jan. 23 – Jan. 27, 2012 and garnered responses from more than 500 females to provide a representative sampling of female consumers in the United States. This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated. Complete survey methodology available by request.