The yearly tradition of back to school shopping is well on its way. Kids are getting excited to return to class with new school supplies, clothes and gadgets. But with an expected average of $603 in spending, parents will be pinching pennies this season. Your child may want the most stylish school supplies this back-to-school season, but your budget may not agree. Even with the majority of parents trying to cut back, school costs will rise again this year. Luckily, a few smart-shopper tips can help parents reduce supply runs and increase savings.

Nearly 60% of consumers are cutting back to buying only what they need. Make sure to create a school supply list of the necessities and stick to it! A box of crayons may be useful if your child is going into kindergarten or the first grade. But as your child enters higher grades, they'll need to calculators and notebooks. Don't pay for higher-priced items when you can save money buying basic supplies and personalizing them yourself. You'll also want to invest in quality products to avoid spending more for frequent replacements. Make sure to use these tips to increase your savings on school supplies.

The classroom environment is different today than it was a few years ago. What was in style and what was necessary then may not be the case now. Students these days are exposed to more technology and are swapping their library card for a tablet and their calculator watch with a smartphone. So you can expect more money will go towards new devices. But being equipped with a good plan and these great money saving tips, you can keep your student up-to-date with the latest technology.

With a weak economy, parents are looking for ways to save on back to school shopping. Surveys show that nearly 30% of consumers think merchandise is priced higher and up to 70% are shopping around for the best prices. Maximize your budget and cut costs while getting your kids everything they need for school with printable deals and coupons from