Environmentally Responsible

Direct mail campaigns for increased ROI, reduced carbon footprint

Valpak cares about the neighborhoods we serve — including the one we all live in. That's why we build sustainable, environmentally conscious policies into every stage of the production lifecycle.

A household name with sustainability at heart

Valpak is America's leading direct mail marketer, trusted by thousands of businesses and millions of homes coast to coast. As a market leader, we take our responsibility to set a good example seriously, especially when it comes to minimizing environmental impact.

Intentional Partners and Materials

We start with carefully selected vendors, including paper suppliers that source responsibly and value forest stewardship. Our envelopes and Valpak-printed contents are ALWAYS 100% recyclable, and we urge our consumers to recycle their unredeemed offers. Valpak purposefully selects partners that embrace green initiatives — often working with suppliers that exceed industry standards.

Market Smarter, Waste Less

Our marketing best practices all center on reducing waste, including intelligent list management policies and simple opt-out methods. We get the right offer to the right consumer at the right time, and make it easy to opt-out if needed.

Sustainability HQ

The Valpak Manufacturing Center (VMC), our 470,000-square-foot production headquarters, has energy efficiency built right into the design. This facility showcases some of the world's most advanced automated systems for clean, efficient manufacturing, with numerous environmentally sustainable features, like:

100% recycled concrete in the slab base and the road base, with excess concrete reused and repurposed.
Kalwall translucent panels, which let in the daylight while boasting exceptional thermal performance and energy efficiency. Low solar heat gain means less air conditioning!
Strategic insulation and a white poly roof also minimize heat gain.
Occupancy sensors control lighting in central areas to reduce energy consumption.
Highly efficient HVAC and ventilation systems, plus a central water-cooled system with custom modifications to maximize efficiency.
A Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) to destroy volatile organic compounds (VOCs) discharged from the heat-set press. These units can achieve greater than 98% efficiency.
Printing presses use AC versus DC motors, reducing operating costs and waste.

Everyday Efficiencies

Reduce, reuse, recycle — it's not just a catchy slogan! Day-to-day activities at the VMC are all about efficiency, and employees are continually looking for ways to minimize waste, including:

Raw materials are recycled through built-in waste management systems.
Excess paper (trim, chip, press waste, etc.) is vacuumed to a central recycling area for recycling.
Aluminum press plates are also recycled.
Plastic transport totes, ink containers, boxes and wooden pallets are all reused.
Through our internal recycling program, we encourage employees to recycle office paper, cans, bottles, k-cups and batteries in provided receptacles.

Did you know?

According to the Direct Marketing Association, "the forestry industry plants more than 1.7 million new trees each day — that's 620 million trees every year." For more information about advertising and the environment visit Mail Moves America.