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Yes, Valpak puts REAL $100 checks made out to “CASH” or other prizes like gift cards and movie tickets inside random, specially marked envelopes every month. No strings attached, just cash and goods for you to stash! Since 1998, Valpak consumers have won hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes — just by opening their Valpak envelopes. And you could be the next winner! *No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. $100 checks are randomly inserted. 1 in approximately 50,000 envelopes has a check inside. Giveaway is sponsored by Valpak Direct Marketing Systems, Inc. 1 Valpak Ave. N. St. Petersburg, FL 33716.

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Meet Some Lucky Winners!

“Just a note to thank you for the check. A real surprise. We open, go through each and every coupon in the Valpak, selecting those that we can use, or a potential to use. Great value, waiting on the next Valpak. Again, THANK YOU.”

— John A. — Raymore, MO

“I was so glad that I always look through the coupons and I'm so impressed with this promotion.”

— Judy M. — Phoenix, AZ

“I couldn't believe I had $100 in my hand! Wow! All day I went around telling everyone about Valpak. I enjoyed telling others about the check and also having extra spending money in my pocket. Thank you!”

— Lania S. — Englewood, OH

“I was surprised and little skeptical but was very impressed with your integrity.”

— Elisabeth C. — Lawrenceville, GA

What fun! I couldn't believe it was real. Then my husband and I fought over whom it belonged to — I won!”

— Joanne C. — Potomac, MD

“I always open my Valpak coupons and was well aware of the instant winner cash prize. That did not, however, prepare me for the shock of opening my envelope and having a $100 check fall into my lap!

— Elizabeth S. — Orchard Park, NY

“I was pleasantly surprised, but knew immediately that it was real; I made it known to all my friends who were familiar with it also. I always open Valpak. I have used the advertisers' services many times.”

— Daniel J. — Greenwich, CA

It feels great to win! At first I thought it was a joke, advertisement or that there was a catch, but the check cashed and is in my bank! It is wonderful to win $100 Just for looking through the money saving coupons that I look forward to receiving anyway. Thanks Valpak!”

— Dee O. — Seattle, WA

Wow-weeeee! I always open Valpak to look for my favorite coupons, so I almost overlooked the blue $100 Instant Winner envelope. I'm just thrilled to actually win. It feels great. Thanks!”

— Patricia R. — Garland, TX