4th of July Marketing – Unique Campaigns to Learn From

Since the average American consumer spends $300 on the 4th of July, there are many ways your business can benefit from this fun, patriotic holiday. Check out some of these 4th of July marketing campaigns and strategies that are sure to catch the eye of American spenders this summer.

Keep in mind that since consumers may be on vacation for the entire week, it can be more difficult to reach them on their computers. However, they will likely have their smartphones with them wherever they go, interacting on social media, Pinterest, Instagram, and other networks. Being cognizant of marketing campaigns that are optimized for mobile will add support to your campaign and lead to greater engagement and sales.

Social Media Marketing Examples for July 4th

Launching an Independence Day Facebook contest is a great way to get your brand and your customers into the American spirit. In 2015, Petco’s “How to Give Your Cat the Ultimate 4th” Facebook post reminded cat owners that not only did the 4th of July land on Caturday, they should have the right to party, too. M&M’s U.S.A. released a limited red, white, and blue chocolate candy blend for $17.76 through Facebook.

Use your social media networks to promote your product or service by running a patriotic selfie photo contest. Or, keep people engaged with your brand by using a countdown element that unlocks a new deal each day. Pinterest is a great way to share tips and tricks for throwing the perfect 4th of July bash with recipes and decorations, like what you’ll find on the Better Homes and Gardens boards.

Can you think of a creative way to incorporate red, white, and blue into your brand, products, and services so that you can be a part of the Independence Day sharing on social?

4th of July Marketing with Vine or Snapchat

Don’t limit your 4th of July marketing to just Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. Using your product or service in niche platforms such as Vine or Snapchat can bring a smile and brand awareness to a person’s face. Some creative examples of brands using Vine are Lowe’s Vine loop showing its tools exploding into fireworks or Tide’s up-cycle project.

Re-imagining your products and presenting them in a different way just may make a potential customer think about your brand in a different way as well.

Create Content to Promote Across All Channels

For instance:

  • Fireworks Map

    If your business cannot offer something specific to the 4th of July holiday, even providing a helpful guide of where to watch the fireworks can be a useful resource for visitors and drive some additional traffic to your website. In a 4th of July interactive map from UrbanDaddy, lovers of fireworks in the Brooklyn area could see exactly where the barges would be so they could plan their viewing parties accordingly.

  • 4th of July Sale Ideas

    Discount your product or service to gain your customer’s interest while they have time to kill on vacation. Promote your special deal through email campaigns, social media, and across your other channels.

  • Direct Mail Campaigns for The Fourth

    Even though we are a digitally-immersed world, people still look at their snail mail. According to the Direct Mail Association, 65% of consumers still make purchases as a result of receiving a direct mail piece. So, consider a direct mail campaign for your marketing. The response is still there!

Work with the local post offices and a printer to design an attractive flyer that promotes your business or service with a coupon, contest, calendar of events, and more. Now is the best time to reach those vacationers with something tangible to remind them about your business.

Brand Your #4thofJuly Campaign with Hashtags

Utilizing and promoting hashtags is a great way to increase engagement. It can also help to group content into one spot for easy access. For example, use #LetFreedomRing for a photo contest on Instagram. For a great example, search the hashtag #ViewFromAbove from National Geographic and you’ll find amazing photos from up high.

Have Fun with It

You can create a fun, engaging 4th of July marketing campaign that increases awareness without spending a lot of money or time, especially on social media. Changing the price of a product to reflect the holiday, offering a discount on all red, white, or blue products, giving a discount to people who come in wearing patriotic shoes, hosting a photo contest of patriotic pets–the sky’s the limit. And, if you want to throw a little marketing money at a campaign, go for it. Sponsor a fireworks event, conduct a raffle, take out a patriotic ad, or plan ahead to send a direct mail piece.

Get Started Today

Since 4th of July is right around the corner, now is the perfect time to make a plan. How will your business benefit from a creative Independence Day marketing campaign?

Review what worked for other companies from the examples above and determine whether any of these marketing campaigns resonate with you. Maybe you’ve realized how to mix your products’ colors into a patriotic combination and share it on Instagram or can offer free shipping for 4th of July and promote that along with a #LetFREEdomRing hashtag. Create some business fireworks of your own!