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“In 2015, nearly 462 million envelopes will be mailed to over 37 million unique addresses across North America.”

Valpak is at the heart of communities across North America, helping people save, businesses grow and neighborhoods thrive through a network of local franchisees in the U.S. and Canada.

With our focus on local marketing, we’re able to drive revenue to medium and small businesses in your communities.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is an art form that connects the products of a business to its users through a variety of different communication channels including print, digital, radio, TV, and social. It takes a level of expertise to leverage all of these channels appropriately for your business. Sometimes it’s easier to hire experts in order to get the best return on investment for your marketing efforts.

Valpak marketing consultants live and work in your neighborhood, and we can help you take the guesswork out of advertising with real-world marketing solutions that drive measurable results.

What is Valpak Marketing?

With a set of services that combines direct mail solutions, digital marketing and the ability to follow every campaign with key performance indicators to prove ROI, you’ve captured a marketing trifecta with the Valpak suite of products. Explore each one of our products and allow our local experts to help determine the right marketing strategy for your business.

Let us introduce you to the neighborhood.

How Can Valpak Help My Business?

Your Valpak office can meet your advertising needs and budget with a custom built marketing campaign that drives measurable results.

Browse our business blog for the latest news on direct mail and digital marketing. Find a variety of information on how to increase sales and grow the customer base for your business.

Check out testimonials from real Valpak clients to see how Valpak helped drive sales and growth for their businesses.

Business Blog

Video Can Take Email Marketing To The Next Level

Video Can Take Email Marketing to the Next Level

Why say it when you can show it? With the popularity of sites like YouTube and Vimeo, and apps like Periscope and Vine bringing content to life, more and more people are seeking video as their medium of choice. It can showcase training, product reviews, entertainment, and much more. Video provides an engaging and creative way to speak to audiences, which is why it’s become an integral part of many marketing strategies. Meanwhile, email continues to be a powerful tool for speaking one-on-one to customers and prospects in a trusted and consistent way. This is why video and email marketing…

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“I would recommend Valpak to anyone who wants to grow their business.”

- Keith Alkourabi, Owner G&G Quick Bite

“I would recommend Valpak to anyone who wants to grow their business.”

- Keith Alkourabi, Owner G&G Quick Bite

“Valpak is a great way to generate quality leads by targeting a large number of homeowners.”

- Sheldon Gasek Best-Handyman Services

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