Increase call volume and conversions with Valpak® display advertising

Target all the devices in the households you mail with programmatic display ads

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Minimum of 100,000 impressions per advertising campaign

31% of U.S. adults are online almost constantly (Pew Research)

Mobile commerce is anticipated to generate 710 billion in sales by 2025 (Forbes)

Integrate your advertising campaigns

With Valpak programmatic display advertising, you optimize the success of your Blue Envelope print ad campaign by integrating digital marketing to retarget a custom audience of potential customers. Your display ad campaigns target all devices in the households you mail the Blue Envelope to increase call volume and print offer engagement.

6 reasons to choose Valpak display ads

Your display ads reach an audience that has shown interest in your products, services or industry.

From desktop to laptop to mobile, these ads display on all the devices used to access the web.

We use real-time bidding for more accurate targeting based on online behavior and history.

Target all devices in the households you mail Valpak’s 
Blue Envelope to boost offer engagement.

Valpak sets up and optimizes your
display ad campaign to get you
better results faster.

You pay by the impression (CPM) vs. cost per click making it easier to manage your ad spend.

Everything you need 
to succeed at programmatic display

  • Audience targeting: All devices in the households you mail Valpak’s Blue Envelope
  • Ad design: Choose from ad templates or a custom design to enhance user experience
  • Types of display ads: Banner ads, video ads, rich media, animated gifs, social media, native ads, CTV, OTV
  • Targeting options: Geo-targeted (ZIP code or ZIP+4)
  • Pricing: Cost per thousand impressions (CPM), not cost per click (CPC)
  • Ad campaign minimums: 100,000 ad impressions, 3-month marketing campaigns

Advertise across multiple channels 
for the best results

Mail to all the devices in the high-value households that receive your display ads

Extend the reach of your digital campaign with hyper-targeted postcard advertising

Create a custom mailing list or send a survey for insight into what consumers want

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