Target smartphone users with Valpak® mobile display advertising

Serve mobile ads with pinpoint accuracy based on location, interest and purchase intent

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A minimum of 50,000 impressions for a standard campaign

82% of smartphone users search for a business near them (Google)

Mobile commerce is anticipated to generate 710 billion in sales by 2025 (Forbes)

Precise, easy-to-scale advertising

The average U.S. adult spends more than 4.5 hours on their mobile phone per day. With Valpak mobile display ads, you can target your ads to those mobile users via a trusted ad network of local and regional publishers to increase brand awareness, foot traffic and sales.

While mobile advertising works for many businesses, there are 6 industries where you can expect the most success for your ad spend:

  • Automotive: Car sales, oil & lube, car repair, car wash and detail
  • Dining: All types + delivery
  • Entertainment: Theaters, events, experiences, play / sport venues
  • Fitness: Gyms, golf courses, fitness studios and franchises
  • Health & beauty: Doctors, dentists, chiropractors, day spas, salons
  • Home retail: Appliance stores, hardware stores, grocery stores

5 reasons to choose Valpak mobile ads

With more potential customers on the smart devices they use throughout the day

Consumers who’ve engaged with your business or the types of products you sell

By location, interest and purchase intent based on previous shopping behaviors

Engagement and actions like online ordering, click to call or driving directions

Total number of impressions, mobile devices reached, clicks and location visits

Reach your target demographics

  1. Banner advertisement displays on a smartphone/mobile device; potential customer clicks it.
  2. Click opens a mobile-friendly, expanded ad landing page with more information.
  3. Another click directs the potential customer to your e-commerce website for even more details or they go directly to your store.
  4. When the potential customer visits your store with their mobile device, a visit is reported.

Advertise across multiple channels 
for the best results

Mail to neighborhoods where your mobile ads are running for additional impressions

Extend the reach of your digital campaign with hyper-targeted postcard advertising

Create a custom mailing list or send a survey for insight into what consumers want

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