Valpak Media Kit

Valpak has a solution for every path to purchase and tracks consumer engagement along the way. Download the media kit to learn more about us, our products and audience and what we can do for your business.

* 2017 Connected Shoppers Report,” Salesforce, 2017.

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couponing consumer marketing Look Who’s Couponing! Get to Know the Valpak Consumer

Have you ever wondered who’s on the other side of Valpak’s Blue Envelope, eagerly ripping it open and searching those awesome local coupons?

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wedding advertising tips 8 Engaging Wedding Advertising Tips for Vendors

Think about the massive amount of planning that goes into a formal wedding, reception and honeymoon. If your business has a part in the planning process […]

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restaurant marketing for cinco de mayo 5 Cinco de Mayo Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Now that you know the backstory of Cinco de Mayo, how do you plan to use this celebration to reach new customers for your restaurant?

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marketing in the summer 7 Ideas to Put Some Spring in Your Summer Marketing

Summer is coming. And if summertime is typically slow for your business, you should plan your creative marketing strategy now to keep sales up.

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back to school marketing campaign strategies Don’t Fail Your Back-to-School Marketing Campaigns

How did your back-to-school (BTS) marketing campaign go last year? Did you attract new customers? Were your […]

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How Businesses Choose Marketing and Advertising Agencies

When you’re a small- or mid-size business (SMB), the decision to hand your marketing over to an advertising agency is a […]

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Father’s Day Marketing – Wait till Dad Gets Your Direct Mail

Thanks to a strengthening economy, Father’s Day spending in 2017 hit a record $15.5 billion in estimated sales, or […]

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Fertile Marketing Ideas for Your Home & Garden Business

Spring is coming. And if you’re a home and garden business owner, the time to start planting seeds and painting […]

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How Much Does Direct Mail Advertising Cost?

Type “direct mail marketing” in your search bar and the top search results will mostly relate to how much direct mail […]

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