What Does Advertising in Valpak Cost?

Local advertising for your business with Valpak costs as little as 2 cents to 3 cents per household, or home, for a direct mail coupon in The Blue Envelope®. That’s 1/12th the cost of traditional solo direct mail! All Valpak direct mail advertising includes an audit of your current marketing strategies, audience profiling/targeting, creative design and postage. We recommend extending the success of your direct mail campaign with digital marketing to reach consumers online and on their mobile devices, as well as marketing ROI analytics that track performance in real time.

Marketing Insights

From e-books, lookbooks, stat books and every book in between to white papers, infographics, media kits and guides, these marketing resources will help you make smarter small business budgeting, marketing and operating decisions. Insights include how to create a successful small business marketing plan, how to select the best marketing channels for your business and which digital calls to action to use to generate the greatest return on investment. Additional Valpak resources include the Valpak Media Kit of small business marketing solutions and an in-depth look at who the Valpak consumer is and how much more she spends compared to the U.S. average.

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Practical tips for managing your business marketing strategies, including industry-specific marketing research and ideas and timely articles to help you cost-effectively capitalize on upcoming holidays and seasonal promotional opportunities. Insights include how to measure marketing success with key performance indicators, how to drive customer retention with direct mail, how to raise your prices and how to choose a local marketing agency. No matter your industry or marketing need, there’s something here for everyone. Subscribe to our business blog to never miss a post. You’ll receive a monthly digest of the latest news and best practices.