5 Cinco de Mayo Restaurant Marketing Ideas

What Does Cinco de Mayo Celebrate?

Though often interpreted as a celebration of Mexican heritage or independence, Cinco de Mayo actually commemorates the unlikely victory of the Mexican army over French forces in the Battle of Puebla.

In Mexico, traditional Cinco de Mayo celebrations include military parades and festivals, but it’s business as usual with restaurants, stores and banks open for business. Dance over to America and you’ll find many opportunities to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, especially in California, Illinois, Texas and Florida where Hispanic populations are the highest.

Now that you know the backstory of Cinco de Mayo, how do you plan to use this celebration to reach new customers for your restaurant?

5 Marketing Ideas for Cinco de Mayo Restaurants

  1. Send out a colorful direct mail advertisement to your neighborhood announcing a special deal for Cinco de Mayo only. Include a contest with a prize giveaway to stir up even more interest. Sending out direct mail takes time, so get started on this marketing idea early. The earlier you begin your direct mail campaign, the greater your chances of a high ROI.
  2. Capture the attention of passers-by by decorating the inside and outside of your restaurant with traditional Mexican colors and celebratory items like balloons, sombreros and piñatas. Include signage and flyers that announce your restaurant’s celebration plans and Cinco de Mayo offers.
  3. Social media is your best friend when it comes to popular celebrations like Cinco de Mayo. Try a paid display ad on Facebook targeted to people in your community. Create a social campaign calendar leading up to the big day. You can also run a social media photo contest by asking your followers to share their best photo at your restaurant. Choose a winner and send them a free dinner for two. Be sure to check contest rules for each social channel you use to ensure compliance.
  4. Create a special Cinco de Mayo menu and mail it to your community as a self-mailer. Include a savings coupon on the menu that customers can use on Cinco de Mayo only. You can also pass out the menus at libraries, other businesses, colleges and so on. Or, put your menu inside the Valpak® Blue Envelope and join over 41,000 businesses that trust Valpak with their marketing.
  5. Use email marketing to reach out to your current customers. Offer them a special discount only they can get using a code you provide. Try to send at least one email weekly for the 3 weeks leading up to May 5. Use creative, compelling subject lines that comply with CAN-SPAM laws. Consider inviting them to a tequila and churro tasting party before the dinner hour.

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