6 Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas To Attract Customers

There really is something special about Mother’s Day that puts most families in a great mood. Most people have fond memories of gifts they’ve given their mother, or a special dinner that helped bring people closer to their moms. Each and every year, sons and daughters seek something unique and special for their mothers that they’ll enjoy and hold onto as fond memories.

Mother’s Day is also a great opportunity to attract new customers to your small business. Many businesses successfully engage in seasonal marketing year round, depending on the holiday. Mother’s Day marketing is no exception, and there are some great marketing tactics that you can use to not only grow your business but also help make someone smile.

We’re sharing five small business marketing tactics that you can use for Mother’s Day to help you attract new customers. Let’s go ahead and get started!

1. Utilize Email Marketing

No matter what time of year it is, email marketing is an indispensable tool for marketers. This is especially true during the holidays and for special events. It’s a great way to reach out to people who are already engaged with your brand because they’ve already filled out a form or signed up for your newsletter. Emails are very effective in terms of reminding your audience about upcoming special promotions and events as well. For example, think about all of the florists, retails shops, and brunch cafes sending out emails for their Mother’s Day promotions.

2. Determine Who You’re Targeting

This might seem like an obvious question, but ask yourself who exactly you are targeting with your Mother’s Day marketing efforts. You’re most likely not targeting Mothers, but husbands, sons, and daughters that will be buying gifts and treating their mothers during the holiday. Think about what they are looking for in a special gift or event, and tailor your marketing in that direction. Try to think about the different types of moms people are buying for as well. This could be the “Millennial Mom” who likes online deals from GrubHub and Groupon, or the “Established Mom” that enjoys collectibles that preserve precious memories.

3. Engage With Social Media

Social media is a great avenue for Mother’s Day marketing, and you should leverage it as much as possible. Pinterest can definitely be an effective method of marketing during this holiday in particular, so you’ll definitely want to create a Mother’s Day pin board to showcase new floral arrangements or food specials.

For Facebook and Twitter, you can create a unique Mother’s Day hashtag as well. But more importantly, be creative and come up with contests to engage your audience rather than just pushing a sale or promotion. Using imagery in social posts can be very engaging for your audience as well. Make use of creative elements that conjure up feelings of love for their mothers during this holiday. You can also encourage employees to share pictures with their mothers on Instagram, so customers can develop a more personal feel for your business.

4. Use of Your Online Store

If you do have an online store—which you should by now—make sure to tailor it specifically to Mother’s Day. Have your specials clear and visible on your website, and offer promotions for shoppers that are in a pinch for that special Mother’s Day gift. For example, you can offer next day, or fast shipping, placed on all orders leading up to Mother’s day.

5. Create A ‘Bring Your Mom’ Promotion

This is a great tactic for any type of business, whether it be retail store, restaurant, or professional services. You can offer something special for people that physically bring their moms to your establishment, such as a free dessert if you own a restaurant. Many businesses will offer a special discount or a percentage off the total overall purchase just for moms that show up.

6. Give Back

Cause marketing is a highly relatable form of advertising in today’s world. Think about whether or not there’s a charity related to Mother’s Day that your business can support. Mother’s day is an occasion where people think about being kind and generous, and that positivity will only be enhanced when they see that your business is playing a key role in supporting an important cause.

Finally, make sure you and your entire organization are in the Mother’s Day spirit when it rolls around. If your Mother’s day marketing is as successful as it should be, you’ll have plenty of new smiling customers (along with their moms) to serve!

Start Your Mother’s Day Marketing Today!

Want get started today with these Mother’s Day marketing tactics that will help attract new customers to your small business? Here are some steps you can take right away:

  • Take a look at your current overall marketing strategy. Where, and how, do some of the tactics we’ve discussed fit in best?
  • Prioritize items based on what can be implemented quickly and easily vs. what will probably require more planning
  • Create an action plan well in advance of Mother’s Day, so you’re prepared and ready to execute when the special day rolls around