How to Grow Your Dry Cleaning Business

Last updated: September 14, 2023 | By Jessica Leone

5 Marketing Strategies for Laundry Services Providers

Talk about opportunity. From job interviews to special occasions and daily work-wear to delicate fabrics, people want to look their best and rely on their local dry cleaning business to help them achieve that!

The dry cleaning service industry is a challenging one. Faced with a saturated market of strong competition, dry cleaning business owners are tasked with drawing in new customers while also recognizing that the laundry business is highly convenience-driven. But word-of-mouth and referrals will only get you so far. You need a high-quality marketing plan to effectively promote your dry cleaning company. Here’s how to get started:

1. Get to Know Your Current Customers

Dry cleaning services are a consumer-centric business, allowing for little or infrequent face-to-face interaction between providers and customers (especially with drop-off or delivery dry cleaning business models). Connecting with your current customers when you have the opportunity, or making those opportunities happen more frequently, is paramount to the success of your local business.

As a small business owner, your customer base can vary greatly depending on the town you are located in. It is crucial to know the demographics and lifestyles of the surrounding community where you do business so you can effectively target their needs with your dry cleaning marketing and advertising. For example, if you’re located in a college town, you may want to consider implementing a student discount. Or if you’re in an area with mainly young professionals, an occasional 2-for-1 suit cleaning offer would be hard to resist.

2. Focus Marketing Efforts on Convenience

Clean clothes are a necessity, so customers want a hassle-free process. Let new customers know how efficient your cleaning process is and exactly when they can expect to pick-up or receive their clothes. If there is an unexpected problem or you finish cleaning the clothes early, give the customer a quick call to let them know. For route customers, consider setting up a text reminder program or giving them a quick call the day before to remind them when it’s pickup day so they can be sure to set any clothes out.

3. Present a Clean Image to Potential Customers

You’re in the business of cleaning so you should present an image that reflects that commitment at all times. Make sure the storefront is sanitary and mess-free, and your employees look polished. If you have a delivery service, your employees should look clean and professional while they run their routes. Any service vans should also be washed regularly and kept clutter free.

4. Let Your Personality Shine with Digital Marketing

Since you don’t get that much face-to-face time with customers, you want to maximize any time you do have. When customers are in your store they should be greeted with friendly, personable service every time. You can extend that personal touch with an online presence on social media. Use Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms to share quality content with potential customers and drive new business.

Don’t forget email marketing to current customers too. Share a newsletter of useful laundry trips and limited-time pricing deals as part of your marketing campaigns.

5. Welcome New Neighbors with Direct Mail

Introduce your dry cleaning business to new neighbors in the area with a personalized welcome / special offer direct mail postcard. Be sure to think about seasonal offers and send out coupons and flyers to remind these potential customers to bring in their clothes when they switch out their closets in spring and fall. Loyalty programs / cards are also a tried-and-true marketing idea to encourage repeat business for your local business.

Want to know more about dry cleaning marketing? Contact your local Valpak office for marketing services.