How to Grow Facebook Likes & Why It’s Important

In recent years, social media engagement has become increasingly important for businesses as more consumers turn to the Internet for information. Because the role of social media as a marketing tool is relatively new, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate the language and determine how effective the technique really is. This is especially true for those who have not integrated social media into their personal lives and are not familiar with the basics of how to use social media for business.

Research shows that social media can be incredibly effective when fully utilized. If you’re starting out with a social media platform, Facebook is one of the most well-known. The interactive design of the website allows consumers to engage with the companies and businesses they enjoy, which is beneficial for both parties.

Why Facebook Likes are Important

When someone likes a page, the content posted on that page then becomes part of a person’s newsfeed when they login to their account. Their exposure on Facebook to products and services being offered increases the likelihood they will spend their money with your business. Studies have indicated that 80% of your business is supported by 20% of your customer base. This statistic should help guide you through your marketing campaign. Instead of focusing on the quantity, spend time developing quality followers who appreciate your services and will engage with your business.

When your business builds Facebook likes, you are exposing your page to the friends of your followers. By appealing to your existing market you are allowing your business to reach other potential customers. This is when the number of likes makes a difference. The more people you can make contact with, the more individuals you have the opportunity to turn into long-term customers.

How to Get More Likes on Facebook

Posting content that your audience wants to see is the easiest way to increase Facebook likes on your business page. The Entrepreneur article, 10 Ways to Maximize Your Facebook Business Page outlines various methods that can be implemented to achieve a higher conversion rate but you must first understand who your target market is. Without knowing that information, the techniques listed will not produce the results you are looking for. Start a conversation with your followers to determine if they have any ideas or improvements for you. Is there something you are not offering that they would find appealing? Use your customers as a source of information. Often times, they see things slightly different and their input will be beneficial for you.

Create a Facebook Business Page

The increase in how we interact with technology means that those businesses that are not using social media for business are a step behind their competitors. Facebook and other outlets allow businesses to engage with their customers on a regular basis and remind them of upcoming events and specials. It is time to create a Facebook page and start tapping into that pool of customers.

You can start making improvements to your Facebook business page as soon as you evaluate how you are currently utilizing Facebook to market your services. By taking time to fully understand how effective your Facebook campaign is at grabbing and maintaining the attention of your target audience, you can make adjustments to capitalize on your earning potential.

It may be helpful to think in terms of setting attainable goals to get you in the habit of interacting with your business Facebook page. Use a calendar and plan when you will post new content. Do you run weekly specials that can be advertised through your Facebook page? Write these events down and check them off as they are uploaded. Doing this will help you create consistency, allowing your target market to know you are a reliable source of information, which will keep them coming back in the future.