5 Ways to Improve Your 4th of July Social Media

Holidays are a fun time to engage your customers, prospects and team members via social media. With little planning, you can conduct a July 4th social media campaign to draw in new clients, as well as engage your existing customer base. Here are five things you can still plan to do for your 4th of July social media campaign:

1. Partner with a Charity

Take a look at your local community – is there a charity that makes sense for your business to support? Partnering with a local organization and volunteering your time is a great way to help fundraise in a patriotic way.

If you’re having trouble choosing a charity, Charity Navigator has a great list of highly rated nonprofits that support our military members and their families.

2. Share Patriotic Photos

Host a red, white and blue day for employees, encouraging them to wear their most patriotic ensembles. Have employees vote for the best outfit and offer a prize.

Be sure to take a lot of photos from your red, white and blue day so that you can share with your followers on social media. Not only does this represent your company as a fun place to work, but it also showcases the people who make up your company. Encourage your followers to share their own photos with your social media community.

A great example showcasing employee patriotism and supporting a local charity is Fairfield Glade Community Club’s Parade of Flags. Employees and community members provide a monetary donation to sponsor a flag in honor of a loved one.

3. Share Products or Services to Use for July 4th

Even if you don’t sell something that would normally be associated with the 4th of July, you can still get creative. Think outside of the box; can you tie in a product in a unique or funny way?  Once you’ve got your idea, run with it (and run a promotion as well).

Clever and creative marketing allows you to make an impact when you advertise without being overly “pushy” with your approach – you’ve made advertising fun.

Spark some inspiration. Check out this great roundup of creative ways businesses conduct 4th of July marketing.

4. Promote Your Independence Day Sale

Are you running a sale or promotion for Independence Day to drive sales and traffic? Make sure you promote your campaign early and often.

Give your social media followers a sneak peek at your promotion a few days before it begins with a teaser campaign. Tell them exactly what you’ll be offering over a series of social media blasts or posts to keep them coming back for updates. Don’t forget to create a brand-specific hashtag for your campaign to maximize your reach and impact.

5. Conduct a Contest

4th of July contests are a great way to create social media engagement around the 4th of July, as well as promote customer interaction.

Run a photo contest by having followers post their most patriotic moments or their best red, white and blue photos. Don’t forget to create a branded, holiday-specific hashtag for your contest (this will help you sort through entries and create higher visibility for your campaign).

Remember, your goal is to have a little fun while celebrating the 4th of July. While engagement isn’t everything, it’s critical to give back to your customers sometimes (and not always make it about the sale).

Get Started Today

Now is the time to put your plan into action. Take one or two of the suggestions from this article and start planning your 4th of July social media campaign today.

Can you start teasing a holiday campaign today? You don’t need to have your plan finalized to let your followers know that you have something fun planned for the holiday.

Take a look at successful promotions from previous holidays and use them to create a plan. Most of all, have fun with it!