Start Planning Your Thanksgiving & Black Friday Marketing Today

There is no doubt that Black Friday, and even Cyber Monday, are the biggest shopping days in the United States. According to EConsultancy, 2014 saw consumer participation in Cyber Monday rise by 15% making it the single busiest day in U.S. online shopping history. Retailers raked in a total of 53.3 billion dollars in e-commerce during November and December of 2014. These statistics indicate huge potential for the businesses that are willing to plan ahead to capture sales from the consumers out shopping during the holiday season.

Plan Black Friday Marketing Early

In the past, Black Friday began (as you could probably guess) on Friday with early bird specials luring shoppers out of bed before dawn. Retailers are now opening on Thanksgiving evening, and with the introduction of Cyber Monday the window where individuals do the bulk of their shopping has been extended. This provides businesses with even more opportunities to capitalize on their marketing efforts.

Last minute marketing plans are significantly less effective than those that are developed and implemented 3-6 months prior to when Black Friday marketing campaigns will run. The earlier you have all of your ads completed, the better chance you have of receiving better ad placement and more economical pricing. Work with your media partners to begin cross selling products for maximum exposure.

Understand Your Customers’ Needs

With an increased reliance on technology, consumers take more time to search for great deals. Save them time by integrating your marketing strategy with a newsletter. Give individuals the opportunity to learn about what you will be offering and remind them as the date approaches. Inboxes will be inundated with special Black Friday Ads and Cyber Monday deals, so before you begin reaching out to customers, make sure your approach fits the needs of your target audience. A failure to recognize what your consumer is looking for will likely result in a loss of sale.

Start Your Black Friday Advertising

Have you started developing your marketing campaign for the holiday shopping season? If not, it is time to get started.

Take time to analyze what you have done in the past:

  • What worked?
  • What didn’t?

Once you have an idea of the type of campaign you would like to run, determine what types of items/services you need to promote early and how you can set yourself apart from your competition. While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are still a few months away, they will be here before you know it. Make sure you are prepared.

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    I would need help in advertising my services/products in Western New York -It is a startup making creams/lotions. Please let me know what specific marketing services you can offer and an estimate of how much it will cost.

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      Hello! Someone will be in contact with you shortly regarding your request. Thank you so much.

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