How to Get More Positive Online Reviews (and Deal with the Negative)

Last updated: February 17, 2020 | By Jessica Leone

Reading time: 2 minutes

An online review can make the difference between making a sale or not, particularly if you run a service-based business. Positive online reviews can help build customer trust, shape your online reputation and give you valuable feedback to improve upon. In fact, 91% of customers say they’re more likely to use a business with a positive review and the average consumer reads 10 reviews before trusting a local business. Our online habits have shifted how we interact with businesses and make purchases, so much so that online reviews are increasing conversions by 270%.

It’s inevitable that customers will turn to online platforms to share their thoughts on your services. Let’s explore the road map to gaining more positive online reviews, how to approach a negative review and why online reviews matter for your business health and profitability.

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Reviews (or lack thereof) show up front and center for potential customers to see. Regardless of your industry, every review is valuable. A healthy mix of positive and negative reviews will help you build customer trust and transparency you may not have had a chance to otherwise. Make it easy for customers to leave positive feedback when they’re satisfied, your services or products are fresh in their minds, and they’ve had enough time to form opinions. Honest opinions from other shoppers or clients will differentiate you from competitors.

Just as important as the review is how you respond, as 53% of customers expect a reply on review sites. Even more telling, businesses that answer negative reviews receive a 16% increase in customer advocacy. You can not only improve your presence and rankings online, but also continue to build your loyal customer base by growing your online reviews and responding to them. After all, an online review can be just as valuable as a referral from friends or family.

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