7 Ways to Personalize Your Business [Infographic]

Last updated: August 2, 2019 | By Jessica Leone

What does it mean to personalize your business? First, think about the services you use like Netflix or Spotify. Each ensures you will only see content or music you’re interested in, curating a unique, personalized experience.

Half of consumers say customer experience is what drives their decision to make a purchase, beating both quality and price. Even more, 91% of consumers are more willing to make a purchase from a company that remembers them and provides relevant offers or recommendations.

No matter the size of your business, there are simple shifts you can implement to cater your service or product to your customers. These shifts will help your customers feel connected to your company and that they’ve made the right choice with their money. If you’re not sure where to start, check out this infographic for 7 ways to personalize your business.

7 ways to personalize your business infographic

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If you work face-to-face with your customers, you have more opportunities to learn who they are, what they want and why they want it. If not, simple shifts in your operations or customer service may be necessary to enable your customers to discover the personality behind your business.

Remember to have fun and keep it light when searching for ways to personalize your business, but always keep your customers’ needs front and center. Don’t be afraid to ask your customers for feedback, as 83% of people are happy to offer personal information to a business for a customized experience. Once you make a personal connection with your customers, you can cater to their pain points to improve your brand loyalty and reputation.  

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