Digital Marketing to Your Target Audience

A successful digital marketing strategy blends marketing channels (like email marketing, SEO and content marketing) with real-time performance metrics to create an interactive customer journey that generates results.

Don’t know the difference between an infographic and an influencer? If you’re new to online marketing or unsure of where to start with your digital marketing efforts, our team of marketing professionals can help you create a step-by-step digital strategy to turn you from a noob to an expert in no time. Even the smartest digital marketing experts can benefit from advertising with Valpak because of our economies of scale and partnerships with marketing automation and affiliate marketing vendors.

Valpak Digital Marketing Campaign Benefits

  • Dedicated marketing expert skilled at brand awareness and demographic targeting
  • Lead generation per the best digital marketing channels for your return on ad spend
  • Landing page on our digital platform (, which hosts 4+ million visitors a year
  • SEM / Google Ads with keyword bidding and ongoing management to drive site traffic
  • Traditional marketing options to cross-promote your business with direct mail
  • Marketing tools that accurately measure ROI via key performance indicators (KPIs)

Types of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an essential component of any business marketing plan but the sheer number of available marketing channels can be somewhat intimidating. You will need to determine which Valpak digital marketing works best for your business (a marketing team strategist can help) based on your goals and budget: Business Listing

Advertising with a landing page on is an easy way for business owners to increase their online presence / brand awareness by getting their business name and marketing message out to new customers in their target audience. Listings

Website Design

Our digital advertising agency builds websites that scale beautifully on mobile devices. If you’re a small business that relies solely on social media marketing or blog posts for your digital landing pages, we can help build your ecommerce store too.

Web Design

Social Media Advertising

Build your fanbase and influence sales with targeted Facebook and Instagram ads that include guaranteed campaign reach. Choose a Reach & Leads campaign for lead generation and bookings or a Reach & Offers campaign for digital coupon distribution.

Social Media Ads

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Feature your business at the top of relevant search engine results pages (SERPs) with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising expertly built for Google AdWords and Microsoft Ads. SEM packages include up to 5 campaigns with up to 3 ads per campaign (custom copy/design).


Mobile Ads

Precisely target mobile users based on location, interest and purchase intent. Mobile display ads are the easy-to-scale digital advertising format for businesses looking to increase brand awareness, foot traffic and sales.

Mobile Ads

Display Advertising

Target all the devices in the households you mail the Blue Envelope to increase response and conversions rates. Display ads follow your audience around the web once they visit your website, search for your products, search a competitor or even read articles related to what you sell.

Display Ads

Digital Marketing Results

Valpak clients chose us for one reason: Because it works. Our targeted marketing tactics and digital marketing solutions consistently reach more potential customers, drive higher sales and increase return on ad spend.