Direct Mail Advertising to Your Target Audience

Valpak Blue Envelope direct mailer

Valpak’s Blue Envelope is the most recognized direct mail service there is, driving response and awareness through advanced targeting and 50+ years of best practices. Thousands of small businesses trust us with their marketing campaigns because we tailor every direct mail piece to their goals. Just choose your ideal neighborhoods (target market) and we’ll do the rest!

Blue Envelope Mailer Benefits

  • Target Audience: Reach highly desirable demographics that earn and spend more than the U.S. average
  • $100 Instant Win: With the chance to instantly win $100, consumers can’t wait to open their envelopes
  • High Engagement: 9 out of 10 households that receive Valpak open it and 8 out of 10 look at every ad inside it
  • Proven Design: Choose from hundreds of templates or our design team can build you a custom piece of mail
  • Category Expertise: Through historical data, we can recommend the best offer, reach and frequency
  • Performance Tracking: Add a unique phone number or QR code to your ad to further track return on investment

Direct Mail Advertising Formats

Direct mail isn’t a one-size-fits-all marketing method. There are multiple formats you should consider before mailing with Valpak depending on the goal and budget of your marketing campaign.

Most Popular Format: Coupon Inserts

Coupon inserts are mini-billboards that promote your business inside the Blue Envelope. This format is the most cost-effective way to try direct mail marketing with prices starting at 3 to 5 cents per household mailed. Our coupon ads follow lean design best practices with eye-catching imagery, strong offers and a clear call to action to drive response rates.

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Larger Print Direct Mail Formats

Larger print formats, like flyers and circulars, are mini catalogs that give your business more real estate to promote menus, new products, multiple or new locations and other important business information. These colorful, thicker direct mail pieces stand out in the envelope. Consider using larger formats between coupon insert mailings to boost visibility during peak seasons.

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direct mail advertising services

The most effective marketing strategies include advertising across mediums and channels. In addition to direct mail campaigns inside the Blue Envelope, Valpak offers postcard advertising and digital marketing solutions (social media, landing pages, etc.) at competitive prices.

Blue Envelope Direct Mail Includes

  • Mailer product and coupon recommendations
  • Industry reach and frequency best practices
  • Audience demographic profiling and targeting
  • Direct mail ad artwork and creative design
  • Printing, processing and USPS postage
  • Performance tracking and reporting tools
  • Digital marketing add-on: business listing

Direct Mail Customer Support

Customer support sets Valpak apart from email marketing vendors, USPS EDDM and other direct mail competitors. When you advertise in the Blue Envelope, you receive dedicated account support from a local media consultant who understands your market and competition and will follow up when you need them. Customer retention is important to our business and when things pop up, Valpak will be there for you.

Direct Mail Marketing Results

Valpak clients chose us for one reason: Because it works. Our targeted marketing solutions consistently reach more consumers, create more customers and increase return on investment.

We’d love to earn your business and introduce you to the benefits of direct mail marketing. Contact us today to start building your marketing campaign.