Digital Display Advertising (Programmatic Ads)

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Display ad placements on ad networks are a type of digital advertising that combines ad copy, visuals (unlike PPC) and a call to action (CTA) linking to a landing page. There are a variety of ad formats to choose from, depending on your marketing strategy, the demographic / target audience of your ad campaign and its purpose, such as to build brand awareness or increase click-through rates (CTR) or conversion rates.

With Valpak programmatic display advertising, you optimize the success of your Blue Envelope print ad campaign by integrating digital marketing to retarget a custom audience of potential customers. Your display ad campaigns target all devices in the households you mail the Blue Envelope to increase call volume and print offer engagement.

Benefits of Programmatic Display Ads

Valpak’s display ad marketing campaigns are interactive digital ads that follow your target audience of internet users around the web once they visit your website/landing page, search for your products, search a competitor or even read articles related to what you sell. Valpak uses real-time bidding (RTB) to reach the largest pool of your potential customers in tandem with their online history to deliver you brand and message when they are actively looking to make a purchase. The buying process for this type of advertising is easy too. Partner with us for digital ads in a variety of ad sizes and formats that reach audiences across screens (desktop, laptop, mobile device) and include:

  • Targeted digital overlay of your Valpak direct mail footprint
  • CTAs linking to your landing page or website
  • Response metrics to ensure you optimize digital ad spend

Valpak Display Ad Product Description

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  • Audience targeting: All devices in the households you mail Valpak’s Blue Envelope
  • Ad design: Choose from ad templates or a custom design to enhance user experience
  • Types of display ads: Banner ads, video ads, rich media, animated gifs, social media, native ads, CTV, OTV
  • Targeting options: Geo-targeted (ZIP code or ZIP+4)
  • Pricing: Cost per thousand impressions (CPM), not cost per click (CPC)
  • Ad campaign minimums: 100,000 ad impressions, 3-month marketing campaigns

More Online Advertising Formats

In addition to display advertising, Valpak offers mobile device ad campaigns, search engine / Google ads, social media ads, web page /site design and online business listings. Contact us today to discuss your display advertising campaign needs or to determine which format of digital advertising works best for your business.