How to choose an ad agency

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You know the importance of advertising

But you’ve got a business to run. Finding and hiring an ad agency feels like just one more task to put on top of a million. But you know you need the help because there isn’t enough time in a day, week, or even a year to do it yourself. You want your business to grow and hiring an ad agency is the next step.

Approach hiring an ad agency like you would hiring a new employee. Do your pre-work to find the right candidate, schedule some interviews and check references so that you feel 100% confident about your choice. Follow these 5 steps to success:

  • Conduct a needs analysis
  • Choose a type of ad agency
  • Do your research
  • Interview your top candidates
  • Hire the right advertising partner

Whether direct mail or digital, PR or traditional, having a genuinely compatible partner can be the door that beckons and the voice that calls and brings in customers.