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Valpak Business Listings, known as Business Profile Pages, are the backbone of our digital products. They inspire consumer confidence and reach people looking for services in your area. Attractive and content-rich, our business listings offer you a highly visible and local online presence.

Drive results with your three most enticing offers and change them as needed. Valpak helps you choose keywords that help you get found organically on Google. Additional sweepstakes and promotions provide unique content that search engines reward, and they keep your audience engaged.

Our Business Profile Pages incorporate responsive web design so people can find local business listings on their mobile devices as easily as they can on their desktop.

In addition to creating responsive versions of your web page, you can also choose to be featured on the Valpak mobile app. Mobile search has overtaken the desktop market,* and is particularly strong among Millennials.

No matter who you want to reach, Valpak BPPs can help you connect with your audience beyond the Blue Envelope.


How We Drive Results

We use the right keywords. ranks high in organic search results with nearly 6,000 keywords ranked in the top 3 Google search results and more than 21,000 keywords ranked in positions 4-10.* All Valpak digital offers are pushed to our mobile app, accessible to millions of mobile and Web consumers. As of July 14, 2014, the Valpak Mobile App had been downloaded more than 700,000 times across Android, iOS-, and Blackberry platforms.**

We have unique content.

At, shoppers can find limited-time promotions and sweepstakes in addition to local savings. This element of surprise will excite and keep shoppers coming back for more ways to save.

We have consumer confidence.

Having a BPP on shows consumers that you’re a trusted source for local products and services in the community…and that they can save in store or online with your business.

We help you reach more people.

Gen Yers are always attached to their phones – and so are Gen Xers and Baby Boomers for that matter! The Valpak Mobile App can help you reach tech-savvy consumers across generations, but in particular, a much younger demographic than traditional advertising methods.

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