Direct Mail Marketing with Custom Postcards – Valpak PlusOne™

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Valpak has partnered with the U.S. Postal Service* to bring an affordable stand-alone postcard to mailboxes. Valpak PlusOne is mailed with, but not inside, The Blue Envelope®, so you can stand out with your own direct mail postcard while enjoying the affordability of a turnkey postcard solution.

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Valpak PlusOne – The Benefits of Postcards at an Affordable Cost 

Valpak PlusOne is a companion postcard, mailed to the same mailboxes and high-income consumers as the Valpak envelope.

Plusone postcardValpak PlusOne postcards mail at the same time as Valpak’s Blue Envelope and are:

    • Targeted: Mailed to the same high-income households as the Valpak envelope that respond to offers
    • Trackable: Imprinted with a postal barcode, option to add a unique web link, phone number and offer code
  • Efficient: Maximum creative ad space with streamlined delivery through the most efficient postal service equipment
  • Affordable: Competitive, turnkey solution with no hidden costs for creative design, artwork, lists, addressing, processing, print or postage.

Best Management Group, a Village Inn franchisee, has been advertising with Valpak for more than 10 years. The group started advertising its restaurants with Valpak for its flexible formats and kept advertising because of the results.

Dean LaFollette, director of operations, chose to mail Valpak PlusOne – in addition to advertising in the Valpak Blue Envelope – because it had a great look and was a much better value than regular postcards. The Village Inn franchisee realized double the effectiveness by mailing both advertisements, with an incredible 5% ROI for the Valpak PlusOne postcard alone.

“We ran 20,000 of these and got back more than 5%… which is a wonderful response relative to the number we mailed.”

Postcards deliver results, but inventory is limited! Valpak PlusOne inventory is first come, first served, so contact us today to reserve your spot.

If you are looking for stand-alone postcards that can be targeted 1-1 in different print formats, see our solo mail solutions.

How Does Valpak PlusOne Compare to Detached Address Labels?

100% of the Valpak PlusOne postcard is yours!

  • No Valpak logos
  • No Valpak return address
  • No Valpak URL
  • No intrusive marketing message
  • No postal disclaimers
  • Minimized address and postage space (only 4-1/4″ x 1-3/4″)
  • More creative space

Valpak PlusOne is about promoting you and your business.

Valpak plusone product

*Valpak is a non-exclusive partner of the USPS.
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