Valpak Performance Tracking Solutions & Marketing ROI

Take the mystery out of your marketing! Let your local marketing coach show you how Valpak works and generates a positive marketing ROI with our performance tracking solution. With the online dashboard included in our Performance Tracking tools, you see what we see. This dashboard identifies key performance indicators (KPIs) and enables changes when needed to ensure continued campaign success.

Valpak Performance Tracking

With Valpak’s advanced performance tracking tool, you’re able to track the actions that Valpak generates. Our performance tracking is rooted in our powerful print product, but goes beyond when digital and call tracking are combined with analytic reporting to demonstrate powerful ROI.

What’s Included

  • Valpak print coupon
  • distribution
  • Landing page or Microsite
  • Call tracking number
  • Performance dashboard
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Call Tracking

Call Tracking analyzes the quantity and quality of phone responses generated by your Valpak campaign. Insights provided include where leads are coming from, when calls are coming in and how your staff handles incoming calls.

What’s Included

  • Call Tracking number
  • Call recording
  • Summary reports
  • Call dashboard
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