Social Media Marketing

Easily connect with your customers on social media with some help from Valpak! From creating your social profiles to developing a social media marketing strategy, our Social Media Marketing tools will help you keep the conversation flowing.

How We Drive Results

We build your fan base.

Consumers use multiple social platforms on a daily basis. We can help you reach untapped audiences by creating and/or managing your social presence on Twitter and Google+ and Facebook.

We improve your customer insights.

By monitoring conversations on your social networks and devising content strategies, Valpak helps you better understand what your customers are interested in and how they behave.

We take word-of-mouth marketing online.

Without Facebook, Twitter or other social media outlets, your online presence is limited to your website, business listings and/or review sites. Consumers turn to social media to learn about brands more and more. We get your brand out there and help increase foot traffic to your store.

*Anthony Ha. “Facebook Expands Its Definition of Small Business Pages, Says It Now Has 25M of Them,” TechCrunch. November 18, 2013

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