Website Design

website design small business

Sure, a beautiful website makes a great first impression for your target audience. But professional website design takes your online presence further, incorporating functionality and usability that enhances the user experience and drives brand awareness and ecommerce. If website design is not part of your marketing strategy, it should be.

For a business owner without a web presence, Valpak is the design agency to build a new website for you. If you’re a small business startup that relies solely on social media or blog posts for your digital marketing landing pages, we can help build your online store too. If your current page design has poor loading times, is missing key design elements, or leaves search engines wanting more, you can start fresh with a custom website design from Valpak.

Your Small Business Web Design Company

Our professional web design team provides turnkey design services for website templates of up to 10 pages. Design projects include optimization and customization of fonts, colors, logos, artwork and more.

Professional Web Design Features

  • Consultation with Valpak web developers
  • Custom domain registration & hosting space
  • Ongoing technical & customer support
  • Website templates – view custom themes
  • High-quality web pages built using WordPress
  • Responsive web design (for mobile devices)
  • 150 words/page of digital marketing content
  • Website photos + photo and video galleries
  • Google Maps & Google Analytics integration
  • Email marketing account setup (up to 10 users)
  • Website design and technology updates
  • Year-round web page / site maintenance

Digital Marketing + Direct Mail 

Case studies prove again and again that today’s path to purchase has changed and combining digital marketing with direct mail can help business owners increase the conversion rates for both channels. Contact your local Valpak office for more information on custom website design for new websites or optimization of current web pages, including pricing. They can also walk you through whether direct mail like postcards makes sense for your small business.