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Speaker: Dr. Tamara Kroboth, Orthodontist

Hi. My name is Dr. Tamara Kroboth. Our practice is Cigna Kroboth Orthodontics. We’ve been advertising with Valpak for over 14 years. So the reason we advertise with Valpak is because we want to reach a broader base of customers. Also, it helps with brand recognition, which is really important. It really gets our name out into the community in addition to the other advertising we do.

Well, one thing I really like about Valpak is, not only does it reach this broad base of customers, but with the tracking and response information that we get, I can actually see the phone numbers and the different patients or potential customers that call. So I know that in our business, a lot of times, we may get a lot of clients call for consultations. But even if we get one or two patients to start per month from the Valpak, it really has a great return on investment.

So we actually did have a different marketing company that we had briefly used and one thing I did not like about them is that they weren’t local. I love working with Gary, which is our Invisalign rep, because he’s intimately aware of all the different ZIP codes and all the different areas, so he can really advise us as to where to market properly. The other thing is, is that it’s something that is a staple in the community. Everybody knows about the Valpak mailer, which is really great.

So I feel like my ad and my brand recognition is going to get into everyone’s home. So I feel really confident using Valpak. I know that other dentists and orthodontists may be skeptical regarding the demographic that’s reached, but I can personally guarantee that I know from speaking with my Valpak sales rep that Valpak actually reaches a higher income demographic, so the customers that I want and the patients that I want are coming to me from Valpak.

I would recommend Valpak to other businesses. Not only have I used them for the mailers, but we’ve also tried the Google Ads. One thing that I found was great about the Google Ads was that they really took a lot of the guess work out of it. I don’t have a day to day time to manage the Google Ads, so their Google ads department was able to really work with me to get all my key words. I would definitely recommend it for brand recognition, getting your name out there, and just getting more customers.