Small Business Direct Mail Advertising in Bremerton

Increase brand awareness and gain new customers in Kitsap, Clallam and Jefferson counties with Valpak of Western Washington West. We can help you get into as many as 120,000 carefully qualified households through direct mail and digital advertising.

Coupons by Mail with Local Targeting

Joining the Blue EnvelopeĀ® of coupons allies your business with a leading name in shared direct mail marketing. Valpak has been delivering savings to customers in a highly targeted way for nearly 50 years. Talk to our Western Washington West team about reaching the neighborhoods of your choice through direct marketing products such as inserts, circulars, flyers, envelope covers, unique imprinting and solo direct mail.

Valpak offers a suite of services geared to targeting the Western Washington neighborhoods that are the most likely to utilize your services. We use NTAs (Neighborhood Trade Areas) to define 10,000 households that are designated by postal carrier routes to help target neighborhoods for your small business. Rest assured that you will gain a presence that will lead to results by assessing the target NTAs that work perfectly for your business.

Digital Advertising with Valpak

Strengthen your online presence with our suite of digital products including:

Work with an organization that is Google AdWords-certified, distinguished by its ability to offer you advertising that helps get you found among the top search results.


Track the ROI of your advertising spend with greater accuracy using our consumer response tools. Call Tracking and Performance Tracking can monitor just customer calls, or calls and online responses, to your printed piece. It provides solid proof of performance and offers you valuable demographic information about your responses.

The Best Way to Advertise Locally

Valpak of Western Washington works with nearly all types of businesses in the area: restaurants, shops, automotive, home and office, entertainment and travel, health and medical, and all professional, general and personal services.

Call today and get the exposure you deserve Ā to the consumers you want in Bremerton, Port Orchard, Port Angeles, Sequim, Poulsbo, Silverdale, Bainbridge Island and other cities in the area.


Valpak of Western Washington West is an independently owned Valpak franchise

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