Buffalo Small Business Advertising

If you want better value for your small business advertising dollar, call Valpak of Western New York. We offer small business marketing solutions backed by a household name. Choose among direct marketing products including the famous Blue Envelope® of coupons.

Locally Targeted Advertising

Valpak offers a suite of advertising services that can specifically target Buffalo neighborhoods most likely to create your business’ potential customer base. Valpak uses NTAs (Neighborhood Trade Areas) to define specific mailing areas of 10,000 households designated by postal carrier routes. With this precision, you can rest assured this type of targeted advertising will lead to results for your business.

Direct Mail Ads from Valpak

Valpak saves you money because it uses shared direct mail marketing, and it allows you to choose only the areas you want to target. Select standard or cardstock inserts, multi-panel flyers, circulars, envelope cover advertising, coupon booklets and solo direct mail pieces.

It’s the perfect solution for all types of businesses, such as but not limited to:

  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment and Travel
  • Automotive
  • Home and Office
  • Personal Services
  • General and Professional Services
  • Shops

Cost Effective Digital Advertising and Performance Tracking

The Blue Envelope®  isn’t the only way to partner with the Valpak name; we can build your business website and link it to the valpak.com couponing site. We are a Google AdWords-certified franchise, and Valpak is one of the select national companies to earn AdWords Premier SMB Partner status. That means you get expert-level keyword choice as well as SEO, social media advertising and pay-per-click options.

All the promises in the world don’t mean much if you can’t demonstrate proof of performance, and Valpak of Western New York is ready to deliver. Ask us how our Call Tracking and Performance Tracking tools can help you measure ROI, consumer engagement and customer service.

Affordable Advertising Solutions with Valpak

Take your small business advertising in Western New York to a new level. We can connect you with as many as 250,000 qualified households in Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Tonawanda and North Tonawanda, Hamburg, Lancaster and other cities in the region.


Valpak of Western New York is an independently owned Valpak franchise

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