76 Fast Lane


Speaker: Daniel Carlino, Operations Manager

Valpak is a one-stop shop. You can go there for print ad. You can go there for Internet advertising, and the customer service there is fantastic. I’m used to getting bad service because that’s the industry that we’re in as far as reps, but with Valpak, I am on the phone with our rep once a month. And we’re talking about the latest and greatest thing, and things we can change, or things we could make better. And that’s service you just don’t get anymore, unfortunately, and it’s nice to see that Valpak provides that for us.

Valpak is responsible for 50% of our sales in our stores, whether it’s from the call tracking, from Internet optimization where people can go online and see our ads online, get our information. It really helps us to find out what part of their advertising works best for us.

Internet advertising is the way of the future. In order to be successful, you really have to be paying attention to that. And that’s something that I was not very good at, which is why we appreciate Valpak services so much was that our customer service rep would come and spend time with us so we can do Google AdWords to where we can really maximize what we’re doing. The tools that Valpak has provided for us really makes that easy.

If you can maximize your productivity, it really helps, and it makes that advertising dollar go farther. And I think that’s what separates Valpak from other advertising companies is that they are state of the art. They are paying attention to what the industry’s doing and they are really taking advantage of that technology to help you grow your company. Valpak really takes every aspect of advertising and really takes it to another level, and that is what it takes to be successful in business nowadays.

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