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Speaker: Jennifer Daniel

We have been with Valpak for the last 18 years. We started with Valpak in 1998, when we first bought the rights to develop Fantastic Sams in the state of Arizona and we were looking at different direct mail pieces. We were impressed with the customer service they gave us. They’ve always been very good to work with and they approached us and they had the right numbers.

Fantastic Sams, there was not one salon in the state at that point, so we needed something that would get our name recognition out there. Part of that success that we’ve had in the last 18 years is, first and foremost, due to Valpak and the amount of new guests and current guests they bring into our salons.

We have experienced that Valpak has been number one in the digital age. It’s helped us reach a completely different client base. A lot of the Millennial type clients do not open their mail, nor do they check their mailbox. So the fact that they can go online and just clip the coupon or go on their phone and just click “Redeem the coupon,” it allows us to reach that new clientele that normally would not open their mail or look in their mailbox for the ad.

They are very easy to work with. We have a great representative. She always gets back to us. They are there to meet our needs, no matter what they may be. Our sales rep, Lynn Hughes, has been our sales rep for the whole 18 years that we’ve been with Valpak. We’re very impressed by her customer service. She always meets our demands. She always answers any questions that we might have.

Our Valpak numbers continue to grow, especially with them being up and coming in the digital media marketing times, and we have been very successful due in part thanks to Valpak. We will continue to use them, and we will continue to recommend them to all clients.