Antonio’s Real Italian Pizza Valpak Advertising Testimonial

Speaker: Vincent LoSchiavo, Owner

My name is Vincent LoSchiavo and I am the owner of Antonio’s Real Italian Pizza, and we have been advertising with Valpak for 15 years now.

Well, Valpak has been a huge part of our success. We started off as just a small family business with a couple stores within the community, and we had a mission to grow. And Valpak, originally, kind of knocked on our door, and they told us how they could help us grow to where we were trying to get. We took the leap of faith, and we tried the product, and we had just enormous success.

Well, what I like about advertising with Valpak is that it’s very cost-effective. It allows us to hit mass market at a very cost-effective rate.

When you open your Valpak, you’ll see a mixture of some national chains, but a lot of local businesses use the product, and I think that’s what helps the product become more successful, is people love local. They want to shop local, and it’s got a nice selection of local businesses in the envelope.

Originally, how we wanted to track the success is, we would have promotional codes. We saw the results, and really, after we just believed in the product, we stopped doing that because we just knew that the product was successful.

I would absolutely recommend Valpak to other businesses because it is, like I said, a very cost-effective way to get your brand into the marketplace, to show people within the community that you have such unique products, and it’s just a great form of advertising.