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Speaker: Sean Kammerer, Assistant General Manager

So my name’s Sean Kammerer. I’m the Assistant General Manager for the Hudson Valley Renegades and it’s been about 11 years now that we’ve been partnering with Valpak. So we are a minor league baseball team in Wappingers Falls, New York, and we’re the single affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays.

So one of the great things for us has been we are a minor league baseball team. There’s really not many around this area, so the fact that we’re that only company on the Valpak has been just great for us. So we don’t really got to worry about any competition on there.

Valpak’s been in the area for several years now, and it’s been a great way to brand with them and get our name out to some of these local families. That’s kind of what we pride ourselves on, so it was a great partnership to start up with.

So usually with the print, we’ll try and do either some buy one get ones or some specialty family packages that kind of get them out a hat, a ticket, and usually a group experience. One of the best parts is to be able to track, whether it’s the online presence or getting in the hands of these local families, and just the opportunity to kind of expand into niche markets that we feel we’re not drawing from. Gives us a great chance to kind of increase the outreach.

One of the great things too with the envelopes, the outside of it, we get to include our schedule. So at the same time we’re being able to promote packages but then also, just getting the schedule out into the hand of the families that it’s going out to.

Just from the click rates and some of the offers that we’ve been doing with the chance to kind of switch it up as the season goes has been great for us. We’ve definitely seen an increase with the views and the clicks over the past couple of months and look forward to continuing that.

I would absolutely recommend Valpak to other businesses. It’s been great for us to track. Having the online and print presence has been wonderful. We’re definitely seeing a redemption rate that’s been going up as the years have been gone, and I could definitely recommend it for other businesses.