Campus West Liquor Depot Valpak Advertising Testimonial

Speaker: Joe Musa, Owner

I’ve been in business here at this location for 34 years and worked with Valpak for the last 12. I think reaching out to the neighborhoods, the local neighborhoods within a mile or two of the store location, helps bring in new customers. We get consistently 200 to 300 returns a month. We track those. They pick the best homes in the area. They pick the best neighborhoods. They’ve got their maps. Also, as far as the digital advertising, helping our social media, that’s something that is out of our wheelhouse, and they do a great job with it. They can do things that will take us years to figure out how to do.

Valpak over the years seems to grow with the changing times of advertising in different medias, and they always offer packages and results that work. They test them. They have the fire power to research these things, and then they come to us with something that’s a good solution for it. People look forward to seeing the blue envelope. They advertise so that people will open it, and look at it, and it’s consistent and something that our customers like. I’ve recommended Valpak to a lot of friends and business that I know and it€™s been successful for them, and it’s always been successful for us, so I’d continue to recommend them.