Glow Putt Mini Golf


Speaker: Jim Bertoncino, Owner

I’ve been a Valpak client going on about a year now. I’ve always like to coupon. I’ve always liked something I can track. Valpak’s very good at providing me with the analytics that show me exactly what kind of responses I’m getting and how it’s been able to trend upward the longer we’ve done it, so it’s been a good combination of me looking at it as well as what they provide me.

Just looking at the numbers they’re trending up, and even though a lot of the snowbirds, so to speak, leave for the summer, our numbers still went up. I would say more so than I expected. They’ve gone up because we’ve consistently advertised with Valpak month after month after month, and we’re seeing more people respond to it than we did before.

In the past I didn’t have the digital. I didn’t have the internet support. It was strictly the print. This has been a great combination of both, and because of that I’m reaching several groups. I’m reaching the younger, more mobile phone-oriented group that uses that form of marketing and I’m also reaching the older print group that looks at what comes in their mail. So I’m getting a good return on my marketing investment with Valpak.

It would be very beneficial to go with the Valpak program because you can track and see results and you have the analytics that will support those results, and it’s something you could always try and you won’t know until you try.

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