Mercedes Benz of Buckhead


Speaker: Geoffrey Meeker, Parts & Service Director

Mercedes Benz of Buckhead has been using Valpak for about seven years now. It’s been one of our better campaigns that we’ve used here and have been very happy with it. One of the reasons we decided to choose Valpak was that we were feeling that we needed something that was a little bit more traditional.

We feel that the digital market is starting to get really cluttered. The space out there on the Internet, it wasn’t getting the kind of return that we wanted. We wanted something that was a little more traditional, like in-house mail piece.

One of the things that I always tell people about Valpak is that it’s typically not associated with a luxury brand, however, it’s gotten one of our best responses of any in-house mail piece that we’ve used. Our biggest thing is branding and getting our name out into the neighborhoods that we choose to.

Using Valpak is a monthly reminder that we’re here and that we’re a part of the community. It’s been a good return for us.

Mercedes Benz of Buckhead has been very, very happy with what Valpak has delivered and I recommend them all the time to local businesses and other businesses and peer groups.

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