Omaha Chiropractic & Sports Therapy



Speaker: Dr. Eric Clements, Owner

My name is Eric Clements and I’m a chiropractor and I own the Omaha Chiropractic and Sports Therapy. The thing that we like best about Valpak is that we can focus our advertising locally or in an area close to our office. It doesn’t pay for us to advertise to somebody in Belleview or Council Bluffs. We want to reach people that are within 2-5 mile radius of here, and they do a real good job at that.

The process of getting the ad together was pretty easy. We wrote down some ideas, what we wanted to do, and then sent it into their artwork manager and then they came back with some ideas and we kind of picked from there, so it was easy. Once we get everything set up it runs itself. I don’t really have to do anything. We get email when the ads go out every month, what to expect, and then we just kind of sit back and let things happen.

They’re easy to get a hold of. They call me back when I have questions or email me back or they’ll stop by. They do a great job. Just good to keep getting our name out there, keep branding ourselves, keep being in contact with the people that live around here. We’re going to continue to use Valpak for the foreseeable future. It’s a good way to get our name out, be known in the neighborhood around our local area.

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