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Speaker: Mike Ronsini, Owner Operator

My name’s Michael Ronsini. I’m the owner of Two Brothers Hardscape Home Improvement. I’ve been advertising about Valpak for approximately six years. I wanted to increase my sales and I didn’t know any other way to do it. I don’t use any other marketing institution. I only use Valpak. I’ve tried TV, I’ve tried radio, and nothing holds a candle to Valpak.

The important thing about doing the mailers on a consistent basis is branding your company. You have to be out there constantly to be in the face of your potential customers and targeting the right customers at the right time.

We usually, with the flyer and the insert, it’s punching towards hardscape, the paver patios, walkways and retaining walls. We run specials here and there. Not too much because we know that quality craftsmanship is a price that you have to pay for.

Well, at first I was a little reluctant. I didn’t know Gary, but he broke everything down pretty much and gave me the demographics and helped me. He’s actually the mastermind behind marketing my company. I like the results. It’s pretty amazing actually. Not only that you can see how it’s working, but you can backtrack and listen to the conversation that you had on the phone. It records everything with a tracking number, tells you who called you, when they called you. And if anything falls through the cracks you can always go back and touch up and touch base with the customer.

I would recommend Valpak to other businesses. Hopefully not hardscapers, I don’t need any more competition. No, I’m kidding, I actually don’t have competition. I look at what they do wrong and I do it better. But yeah, I would absolutely recommend Valpak if you’re looking to increase your sales.