Omaha Lancers


Speaker: Rob Lippolis, Director of Broadcasting & Media Relations

My name is Rob Lippolis. I am the director of broadcasting and media relations for the Omaha Lancers. This is our ninth season with Valpak, so we’ve been around the world with them and the relationship has grown and it’s never been better. Valpak has great services for us not only online, but in the Valpak envelope as well, and it’s all about attracting fans right here to Ralston Arena so Valpak has done a great job in helping with that and the online availability as well.

The one thing I personally love about Valpak is the flexibility. They allow us to create different opportunities for different parts of town which will attract fans from all over the area and that is one of the better things about Valpak. The staff at Valpak is extremely accommodating and whenever I call the office, they pick up and are very friendly. We’ve been here with Valpak for nine seasons, and I don’t see it ending anytime soon.