Pottery World


Speaker: Amy Hume, Marketing Director

Pottery World was using other direct mail campaigns and not having much success. We decided to try Valpak and have been really pleased with the results. In the last year, Valpak has brought in over $100,000 in revenue for the store, which has completely blown away our expectations.

One thing that Pottery World really noticed and likes about Valpak is the quality of the actual coupon itself. We feel it fits really well with our branding, and it makes our photographs look fantastic.

Pottery World has always known that Valpak was a strong, trusted brand. And after working with them for a year, we’ve really seen it in action, and we’re just excited to keep the relationship with Valpak moving forward.

We love actually getting those physical coupons. Having that ability to every month count the number of coupons, see the receipts that are tied to them, and see the customers using the coupons in the store is a great way to have what I call evidence of a marketing plan that’s working.

Pottery World would absolutely recommend Valpak to any company, big or small. If you want to see an immediate result, Valpak is the way to go.

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