Top Tomato Super Store


Speaker: Frank Bruno, Manager

My name is Frank Bruno, I run one of the four Top Tomatoes here in Staten Island. I’m the store operator of the Bay Street location. We’ve been advertising with Valpak for just about ten years now.

The supermarket business is a very competitive business with increased competition, with the changing landscape of economics. It’s important to try to stay one step above the competition and Valpak brings that to the table.

Originally, Valpak was just a mailer for us. Since last year, we’ve evolved into a full suite of products with them. They’ve redesigned our website. They’ve managed our social media and with the team of people at Valpak, it makes running a business that much easier as they handle basically soup to nuts all of our marketing.

Brian, Shawn, and the team at Valpak has made advertising a one-stop shop. Where we had several different agencies or people handling things, it’s now under one roof. So when there’s a question on advertising, we go right to Brian and his team.

I would absolutely recommend Valpak to other businesses even grocery stores, just not my area because they give me the added advantage to compete in a changing market place.

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