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Speakers: Joy Shamburger, Owner & Cindy Sell, Owner

Joy: I’m Joy Shamburger and I’m with Urban Fitness. I’m the owner of Urban Fitness and I’ve been with Valpak for eight years. And the reason why is it’s, by far, the best advertising that you can do and the best that you can get for you money, by far.

Cindy: Business is better using Valpak because it gives us a way to utilize marketing differently with a direct mail piece. They’re able to advertise in a broad spectrum. We advertise with them monthly. They’ve allowed us to change our ads on a regular basis, which is great. As far as really benefiting our business, you know what’s important to us is that we have new members, new clients that are generated on a monthly basis and they’ve been able to do that for us. Valpak, their coverage area is pretty expansive; it’s pretty broad for us, which works really well. They’re fair. Their pricing is fair. They’re very friendly to work with.

Joy: We pretty much knew already that Valpak was dominant, but to have the data to back it up that it’s dominant, it’s great to have. It makes you feel really good about where you’re putting your money.

Cindy: They’re friendly and they’re fair in their pricing. If you’re looking for a direct mail piece, without a doubt, I would definitely recommend Valpak for a variety of different reasons.

Joy: You’re going to get the biggest bang you can for the buck. And if you’re going to spend money advertising, spend it there. That’s exactly what you want to do, because you’re going to be glad that you did. Absolutely.